The issue

Multiple traffic surveys have shown that the majority of drivers in town speed and do not obey traffic signals like stop signs even in the vicinity of parks and schools where children play.

What we are doing

We have worked for close to two year with the town to raise awareness of the issue and encouraged the town to find a way to address the problem. The police do sporadic enforcement but no improvement has been observed. We have also worked with public works to better post speed limits and stop signs but people continue to speed and run the signs. We continue to encourage Town Commissioners, planning staff and police to make addressing this issue a priority. Sign the Petition

Our desired result

We want the town to address this issue through outreach, education and enforcement and to demonstrate a decline in these crimes through follow up traffic studies using hose counts (or other impartial monitoring) in areas that have been identified as problem areas. We want regular, transparent reporting of these findings to the public to show the issue is improving.